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Mary Gaia Quan Yin Herne the Hunter Lakshmi Hecate Medusa Triple Goddess Isis Cernunnos (Malachite)

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Prayer and meditation beads are a part of most belief systems around the world. In ancient times, The Great Goddess was revered, prayed to, meditated upon, and Her sacred sites showered with gifts and offerings during times of ritual and celebration. In service to Her, I offer these Goddess Rosaries, including Isis, Gaia, Quan Yin, Hecate, Diana, Lilith, Daena, the Virgin Mary, the Triple Goddess, Medusa, Kali, and the Chalice Seeker; so that they may be used to focus more fully and deeply when you meditate or perform rituals. Planned additions are a Mary Magdalene rosary, a White Buffalo Calf Woman rosary, and a Cerridwen "locket" rosary. A Goddess Rosary makes beautiful and thoughtful gifts for Maidening, Handfasting, Birthing, Wiccaning, Queening, and Croning rituals; and are priceless recovery tools for women healing from abuse, rape or incest. Although I primarily focus on the Goddess rosary, I do have several prayer beads honoring the Gods (specifically Cernunnos, Herne the Hunter, the Green Man, and the Stag Lord). Other God pendants are available via special order.

In my pre-made rosaries, I have attempted to use stones that specifically correspond with that particular Goddess or God. Nearly all the rosaries are made with semi-precious stones, Swarovski crystals, and silver spacer beads, and are strung on high tensile, very flexible beading wire, guaranteed against breakage under ordinary use. Most of the pendants are lead-free pewter, some are sterling silver, and the Lady of Guadalupe is an art-resin cameo set in a sterling silver filigree bezel. All rosaries are available "made to order" – You choose the pendant, the stones or beads, and the way in which you would like the rosary assembled. Rosary prices vary from $75.00 to $250.00, depending on choice of pendant and materials.