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Erica Alikchihoo of HealerWomyn CreationsAbout HealerWomyn Creations

I am Erica Alikchihoo.  The name means Healer Woman in the Chickasaw language, part of my ancestral heritage.  I’m 58 years old, a Dianic High Priestess, and I recently embraced Cronehood after passing through my second Saturn return.  I’ve been walking the Goddess path for over 23 years, learning and teaching along the way.

A couple of years ago, while listening to a beautiful chant by Jennifer Berezan, I gradually became aware that the murmuring I could hear in the background was the sound of a group of women reciting a rosary to The Goddess.  As goosebumps popped up all over my body, I knew that I was being called to make Goddess rosaries in service to Her.  I will also be adding earrings, lined velvet pouches, and water-bottle holders with Goddess-appliques.  Perhaps, eventually, I’ll be adding traveling Altar Boxes, home-made ritual candles, and ritual oil mixtures.  She inspires me with beauty everywhere I look, and to Her I offer my art and my life.

To contact me with questions or for a quote on a special order, please phone or email:

Erica Alikchihoo

HealerWomyn Creations logo artowrk by Anakata Aschenbrenner



Logo artwork by Anakata Aschenbrenner


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