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  • Mary Rosary
  • Mary close up

Mary Rosary

Made of 8mm sky-blue Swarovski Crystal beads, with 4mm clear Swarovski Crystal and 2mm sterling silver spacer beads, beautiful blue and rose lampwork crystal “Mater” beads, and a filigree heart-shaped connector. The 1 3/8 inch pendant has a cabochon of The Virgin of Guadalupe, white on a blue background, in a beautiful sterling silver bezel.  This rosary sparkles and shoots rainbows of color when held up to the light, symbolizing Mary’s tolerance for all beings. Use it to connect with Her and Her healing, forgiving, accepting and compassionate nature.

Price:  $125.00

  • Chalice Seeker
  • Chalice Seeker close up

The Chalice Seeker

Not truly a “Goddess,” the Chalice Seeker represents the spirit within us which is always searching for the correct and most healing, spiritual path. It’s made with 6mm Rhodonite beads, separated by rose-colored 4mm Swarovski Crystals and 2mm silver spacer beads. The “Mater” beads are dyed pink agate, and the connector is a Celtic Knot. The heavy 1 ½ inch pendant is pewter with gold-colored stylings and both ruby and clear-colored Swarovski Crystal highlights.

Price:  $85.00

  • Gaia
  • Gaia Quartz Crystal
  • Gaia close up


The Gaia rosary is made with tumbled quartz crystal beads, sterling silver spacers, and green and rose lampwork beads for the “Maters”, along with a connector honoring the harvest. It features a 2 ½ inch pewter pendant of Gaia, standing on a representation of the earth, holding in Her hands representations of fire and water, and with a representation of air above Her head. This is the perfect rosary for getting in touch with elemental powers – the strength of the north/earth, the inspiration of the east/air, the passion of the south/fire, and the healing of the west/water.

Price: $70.00

The Gaia rosary is also available pre-made in Malachite with Malachite “Mater” beads or moss agate with Fancy Jasper nuggets for the “Mater Beads”.

  • Triple Goddess
  • Triple Goddess close up
  • Triple Goddess Glass

Triple Goddess

This rosary is the only one so far that does not follow the typical “Catholic” rosary formula. It is made with 13 white Mother of Pearl beads to represent the purity and innocence of the Maiden, 13 dyed red coral beads to represent the passion and fertility of the Mother, and 13 black Onyx beads to represent the wisdom and power of the Crone. The number 13 corresponds to the 13 full moons of the lunar year. The beads are separated by a sterling silver corrugated spacer, and the “Mater” beads are larger versions of the spacer. The rosary has a Celtic Knot connector. The 1 ¼ inch pendant is sterling silver.

Current Price: $85.00

Also available pre-made with Czech Glass beads – clear for the Maiden, red for the Mother, and black for the Crone. These beads are not “of the earth”, and have no specific spiritual or metaphysical properties, but being Czech glass, are actually more costly than some of the semi-precious gemstone beads. Current Price: $85.00

  • Daena
  • Daena close up


One of the ancients of the Upanishads, Daena was a guiding spirit who met you at the end of your life and accompanied you to your “just reward”. Those who seek Her wisdom now are requesting guidance on their path during their life so that they may find peace and fulfillment at life’s end. This rosary is made from 6mm Pink Tourmaline beads with pink Czech glass lampwork beads as the “Maters”, and rose-colored Swarovski crystals and sterling silver spacer beads. The 1 ¾ inch pendant features the skyclad Daena, in silver-colored pewter, entwined with a gold-plated serpent, and two ruby crystal accents.

Price: $100.00

  • Kali
  • Kali close up


Kali is the Goddess of Destruction so that new can be built, She who rids us of that which no longer serves us in this life. Many people fear Her. However, She is a strong ally in re-ordering your life to get rid of all negative influences and invite the positive to thrive. The Kali rosary is made with 6mm black Onyx beads, separated by red Swarovski crystals and sterling silver spacer beads, with red and black Czech glass lampwork beads for the “Maters”. The connector is a simple 3-armed floral disk, and the 1 ½ inch Kali pendant itself is pewter.

Price: $65.00

  • Isis
  • Isis close up


Mother Goddess of the Egyptian pantheon, She exemplifies the utmost in Mother-love, and persistence in tracking down and finding Her lost husband/love, Osiris. To bring the strength and determination of Isis into your life, this is the rosary for you. Made of 6mm Lapis Lazuli gemstones, sapphire-colored Swarovski Crystals with sterling silver spacer beads and blue “floating rose” Czech glass lampwork beads for the “Maters”, this rosary features a harvest-type connecter. The 1 ¾ inch pendant itself is silver-colored pewter accented with light blue enamel on Her spread wings, and a blue crystal at Her throat.

Price: $120.00

  • Hecate
  • Hecate close up


Triple Goddess of the Crossroads, Keeper of the Keys to the Underworld, Torchbearer…. Hecate guides you in all ways. Her paths are often difficult, but promise incredible knowledge and freedom when successfully negotiated. Her service takes discipline, and this rosary can help you focus your attention and your INTENTION. Made of 6mm black Onyx beads, which are sacred to Her, it also contains Jet-colored Swarovski Crystals, and sterling silver spacer beads. The “Mater” beads are Czech glass nuggets. The connector is a Celtic Knot, and the 1 ¾ inch Hecate pendant is gold and silver-colored pewter, features the three faces of the Goddess, and is highlighted with several clear Swarovski crystal insets.

Price: $85.00

  • Medusa Black Pearl
  • Medusa close up back
  • Medusa close up front
  • Medusa Hematite


A symbol of women’s rage, Medusa has been reclaimed by feminists everywhere to help direct energy into healing from physical, mental and emotional abuse and incest. Her energy is not to be trifled with, for She takes it very seriously whenever anyone calls upon Her name. She is a Goddess of Protection for all women and children. This rosary is made of 6mm Hematite beads with “hematite” Czech glass and sterling silver spacer beads, 10mm Hematite “Mater” beads with silver bead caps, and a small floral connector. The 1 inch Medusa pendant is a double-sided sterling silver medallion with a beautiful representation of Medusa on the front, and a coil of serpents on the back, to symbolize our ability to shed our skins (and thus our pain and sorrow, hurts and fears, memories and the things which hold us back) in order to become completely new.

Price:  $155.00

  • Quan Yin
  • Quan Yin close up

Quan Yin

The Goddess of Compassion, Quan Yin refused to leave the earth until all suffering had ceased. She is here with us in our hour of need when we call upon Her, offering Her soothing presence and pouring out Her compassion upon us. This rosary is created in 6mm Rose Quartz (the stone of love), with rose and emerald colored Swarovski crystal and sterling silver spacer beads, and 8mm clear Czech glass foil and pink floating rose beads for the “Maters”. The connector is a simple floral piece, and the pewter Quan Yin pendant is a 2-inch standing version.

Price: $70.00

  • Lakshmi
  • Lakshmi close up


This Indian Goddess of Prosperity and Abundance is a good Goddess to have around when focusing on prosperity and abundance spellwork. This rosary is made out of white 6mm freshwater pearls, rose-colored Swarovski Crystals and sterling silver spacers, and 8mm pink Czech-glass floating-rose lampwork beads for the “Maters”. The connector represents the harvest (abundance), and the pewter pendant is a standing Lakshmi 1 ½ inches tall.

Price: $100.00

Coming Soon:

A Cerridwen “locket” rosary, and a new style of Lilith pendant, both in sterling silver.

The Mary Magdalene rosary, featuring a beautiful new medal which commemorates the Life and Legends of Mary Magdalene…it is, quite simply, like nothing you've ever seen before. This rosary will be available pre-made with 6mm Garnet stones, but, as with all other rosaries, it is also available in stones of your choice.


  • Cernunnos Malachite
  • Cernunnos close up
  • Cernunnos Peridot


This rosary represents the strength and focus of the God of the Forest and should be used to help focus on the strength inherent within yourself. It is made with 6mm Malachite beads, emerald green Swarovski Crystals and sterling silver spacer beads, with 8mm Malachite “Pater” beads embraced with sterling silver bead caps and a connector depicting the forest flora. The 1 ¼ inch pendant is sterling silver.

Price: $165.00

This rosary is available pre-made in Peridot-colored Czech Glass beads and acid-bathed agate “Pater” beads with a Celtic Knot connector for $75.00.

  • The Green Man
  • The Green Man close up

The Green Man

Also a God of the Forest, this rosary represents the power of regeneration and growth. It is made with 6mm Tree Agate, green Swarovski Crystals and sterling silver spacer beads, with 8mm Malachite “Pater” beads bracketed with sterling silver bead caps and a floral connector. The 1 ¼ Green Man pendant is sterling silver.

Price: $120.00

  • Herne the Hunter
  • Herne the Hunter close up

Herne the Hunter

Representing fealty and protection, this rosary is useful for focusing your energies on commitment and safeguarding those things and people you hold dear. Made with 6mm Harvest Stone (a type of marble) and Imperial Jasper bracketed with sterling silver bead caps for the “Paters”, the connector is a Celtic Knot to match the Celtic knot woven in His beard. The 2 ½ inch pendant is well-defined pewter.

Price: $75.00

  • The Stag Lord
  • The Stag Lord close up

The Stag Lord

One of our most popular and striking pieces, this guardian of the forest is useful for focusing on the wild things over which you have no control. It is a good way to work with those energies and bring yourself into alignment with them. This rosary is made out of 8mm Moss Agate beads, with green Swarovski Crystal and sterling silver spacer beads, along with larger green Jasper nuggets for the “Pater” beads. The connector is a Celtic Knot, and the 2 ¼ inch pewter Stag’s Head pendant features a large green crystal between the antlers.

Price: $75.00

Shipping for all orders is $7